Yearly Archive 2013

Paint yourself a Hockney – an episode from the forger’s masterclass

Sunday, den 29. September 2013

I stumbled upon a series of astonishingly entertaining and educating videos by a certified forger named John Myatt, a gentleman who spend some time in jail because he got tempted to abuse his obvious talent to emulate other people’s painting style. I liked this video in particular as I learned something about Hockneys way to […]

Cemetery and witch tower Maulbronn, ink drawing

Wednesday, den 18. September 2013

The witch tower at the very West of the fortifications at the Cistercian abbaye Maulbronn was built 1441. There is no documentation for the origin of naming the tower “witch tower”. It is a five-story building in big, impressive sandstone masonry. I placed my tripod chair in the old cemetery, a lovely place with cypress […]

Booktrek – great to be an early reader

Thursday, den 12. September 2013

I have begun to read Booktrek: Selected Essays on Artists’ Books since 1972 Paperback – September 30, 2013 by Clive Phillpot (Author) , Lionel Bovier (Editor) , Christophe Cherix (Introduction). It seems that will have it only by end of this month. There is a short introduction on . I wonder how that […]

75 years of Baselitz , the broken romantic on tour at Stihl gallery Waiblingen

Friday, den 6. September 2013

The German chainsaw producer Stihl established an art museum and gallery at their headquarter place Waiblingen, another midsize town in the Stuttgart region, south of Germany. The museum looks like a plastic cake box. As you enter you notice that it is a cooling chamber with bad acoustics. The museum consists mainly of one big […]

Rural pasture, illusions of unspoiled pre-industrial landscape views

Friday, den 30. August 2013

About half a mile from here the local gambling shop was robbed on a sunny Sunday morning. The railroad runs behind a curtain of trees not far away as the road, busy with cars and lorries. There is the permanent sough of wheels on asphalt and steel in the air. The cows are hidden from […]

Not cut yet – drawing the tree trunk again

Sunday, den 25. August 2013

Plum tree trunk,ink on paper I seem never to get tired of looking at trees. There is a remote place about 20 minutes walk from my home amidst the fields and meadows were some plum trees grow unattended, just not cut yet by the farmers who plow through the root area, damage the branches and […]