Monthly archive of January 2013

Kurt Jackson – more than slightly mind blowing inspiration

Thursday, den 31. January 2013

Thanks to Drawing allowed I was introduced to the work of Kurt Jackson. Sometimes it seems that there is no chance for the new or fresh but then you stumble on something again that leaves a deep impression and makes for a source of inspiration. I have never seen someone treating acrylic colors so sensitive, [...]

I am still sort of Blurb fan…

Saturday, den 26. January 2013

My Blurb membership is growing old, a bit at least. The first book order I placed on goes back to August 2008. Blurb always has been a bit slow in development from my point of view, but development takes place and for the better. The book editing software is doing OK, there is PAYPAL [...]

Why Are Some People Better at Drawing than Others?

Sunday, den 20. January 2013

Recently I was doing some search on the question what is good drawing on the net and found an interesting article : Why Are Some People Better at Drawing than Others?. This is about representational drawing of course. It seems the main difference between people who can do representational drawings and those who cannot is [...]

Inspiring illustration – Charlotte Hardy and Michael Rytz

Tuesday, den 15. January 2013

I am very much interested and inspired by illustration and not what is usually addressed as art. Today I want to post links to two great illustrators: Charlotte Hardy and Michael Rytz. I use # to keep todo lists and other notes. Most of them are private, but one is used as kind of link [...]

Plein air oil pastel landscape painting

Friday, den 4. January 2013

At the end of the year 2012 I did this plein air study of a neighbour village named Zaisersweiher. The format is mid size ca. 15″X25″ , a bit unusual for me as I prefer small studies for oil pastels. In this case I had in total three sessions sur le motif including some pouring [...]