Plein air oil pastel landscape painting

Oil pastel landscape painting

At the end of the year 2012 I did this plein air study of a neighbour village named Zaisersweiher. The format is mid size ca. 15″X25″ , a bit unusual for me as I prefer small studies for oil pastels. In this case I had in total three sessions sur le motif including some pouring , ice-cold rain and hail mixture which I survived under a big spruce tree and my field umbrella.

It is possible to get that good old impressionistic oil color look with my favorite oil pastel set. It has a range of nice natural greens, browns, red ochres and beautiful greys. I work in several layers to get into the groove towards those muted colours you see in nature.

Below there are some images that show the first steps of the painting on a piece of paper, that was prepared with some old, dried oil color. Later I monotyped over the sketch with a monochrome layer of thinned oil color to mute further down. After that layer had dried I “recovered” the painting slowly step by step.

Village Zaiserweiher,photography
Oil pastel landscape painting,step 2
Oil pastel landscape painting,step 3
Oil pastel sketching and painting gear

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