Plein air study , tree drawing in winter

This is my first, imperfect recording with a GOPRO camera that I want to use for more documentation during this year. At present I am looking for a flexible tripod to be mounted directly on the drawing support. That way I hope to change the perspective to full format, vertical view in coming videos.
One can record up to 2.5/3 hours with that small camera.

Beginning with the outlines of the tree trunks the spatial grid of the picture was established. In a second step I “carved” lines with a brass pen handle into the paper to create “lights”, areas that would not be touched with the piece of black oil pastel that I used in same way as one would draw with a piece of charcoal.

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  1. Hans Lichtenberger

    Du bist ein großartiger Zeichner…aber ich glaube ich wiederhole mich bereits mehrfach in meinen Kommentaren…ich mag Deine Arbeiten und Empfehlungen sehr! Liebe Grüße!

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