Thank you my dear readers!

After almost 4 years on this blog I think it is time to say thank you to those who read and follow this humble weblog on a regular basis.

For the future I will change the content of this blog. There will be more writing on art, artists, exhibitions and art books I would like to say something about. I will continue to share about my sketches and drawings as usual.

The mix will hopefully be a bit more interesting and the frequency of posting might get a bit shorter too.
So thank you very much for reading my weblog, which is very motivating. I hope you will enjoy the blog posts to come.

4 replies zu “Thank you my dear readers!”

  1. claire

    Congratulations on 4 years!
    Have always enjoyed reading your blog and will continue, thank you xx

  2. Martin Stankewitz

    Thank you Claire!

  3. joanie springer

    Just when i discover you i see you are changing direction, or perhaps just not posting as often.

    I hope I can sign up for your email posts. Your work is wonderful, rich, and your prints, ohmy, awesome. And I, too, am besotted with gouache – my absolute fave medium.


  4. joanie springer

    Success! It looked like my comment (and hopefully sign up as well) went thru this time.

    ; )
    happy me

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