Writing a landscape – outdoor pen drawing in a sketchbook

As soon as there is some confidence in drawing skills I think that a change in the drawing from life process happens. Instead of thinking how to get proportions right drawing makes a transition to writing, what it is from my point of view. The drawing is put down in writing movements and emerges from the hand like a letter is written.

Landscape sketch in pen

I have documented a sketchbook drawing in a short time-lapse video. It really doesn matter for me anymore where I start with a drawing. ONce the first lines are set everything else is written down in relation to that. There is still some thinking going on, but only when the “text” seems to get difficult or unclear…questions about tonality, how to separate on thing from the other, or how to connect, how to separate textures etc.. Those who are interested in the pen I use might want to check out my website about pen drawing

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  1. Hans Lichtenberger


  2. Hiroshi Nakata

    Great drawing! I draw outdoor landscape using ballpen, instead of pen. I find ballpen is much easier to draw in half-tone when needed.
    When I draw, I stand all the way – from start to finish in about 1.5 to
    2 hours, year round.
    By standing, my drawing arm is much freeier to move. I use my arm
    not finger or hand as much as I can to draw much faster and freeier.

    My approach is based on 2 things: tonal drawing and quality lines.

    Tonal value approach is the only way to ‘realistic’ (not photographic)
    landscape while quality lines gives artistic taste.

    I don’t have a (digital) camera, so I can’t show my work and back up
    what I say here… Long time ago, I scanned my drawings (and
    paintings) with a scanner and uploaded them to a website, but I
    can’t recall which website it was… By digging up emails of 15 years ago, I may find it, then I can upload my works…

    Thank you for showing your drawing.

  3. Martin Stankewitz

    Thank you very much for your comment. I really would love to see some of your drawings. I hope one day you might be able to post an image somewhere for the public.

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