The green green grass and trees of summer

The summer vegetation is saturated with greens which sometimes can be a bit boring subject for Plein Air work. For that reason I have taken an excursion into ink drawing recently and added three more entries to my sketch or drawing book with local landscapes.

Ink drawing, Elfinger Hof, Maulbronn, rural landscape

Maulbronn Elfinger Hof is an ancient Cistercian “Grangie” a kind of agricultural business unit, mainly for fish and wine, still in operation these days on behalf of the government.

Village Maulbronn, ink drawing, rural landscape

This is a view on one the very first small post WWII houses that are visible from the east entry of Maulbronn. Most of the place is hidden from the West view in the valley of the Salzach. A summer thunderstorm was coming up.

Viallage of Lienzingen, rural landscape with barns ,church and bell tower

Lienzingen is a three-mile walk from Maulbronn. The center of the village still has many very old frame-work houses from the 16-18th century. There are intentions to put the inner historic area under conservation. There are some reminders left from the old barn and garden belt that usually surrounded those villages. I have collected a number of drawings and paintings in the past ten years of the place (link to some postcards and other items on Zazzle). The old decaying barns have been refurbished and cleaned up. Old wooden fences and sandstone poles around the gardens, traditional roof tiles and other details disappear step by step. The church is a remarkable example for a “fortress church” surrounded by a walls and moat just like a castle to provide protection for the inhabitants in case of warlike disputes.

Lienzingen, charcoal drawing

This charcoal sketch from 2004 shows a previous closer view with some more sheds and less big trees around. The old roof tiles were still there.

3 replies zu “The green green grass and trees of summer”

  1. Hans Lichtenberger

    Sehr schöne Zeichnungen!

  2. Christian

    Hello Martin,

    excellent sketches. I was happy to find your blog finally, because I often came across your (old?) website when browsing the net with search terms like ‘ink drawing’ or so. I wondered if there wouldn’t be a place on the net which shows more activity of you, so here it is. I think there is a lot to learn for me.

    Greetings from Lower Saxony

  3. Martin Stankewitz

    Hello Christian, thanks for your interest in my sketches. There are indeed some old blogs that I discontinued, but I kept the image directories up. Over time things get a bit labyrinthine :) .

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