Paint yourself a Hockney – an episode from the forger’s masterclass

I stumbled upon a series of astonishingly entertaining and educating videos by a certified forger named John Myatt, a gentleman who spend some time in jail because he got tempted to abuse his obvious talent to emulate other people’s painting style.

I liked this video in particular as I learned something about Hockneys way to achieve a certain look and I find that Mr. Myatt really knows a lot about those artists and has the skill to support and encourage people to try out new, unusual things to develop their own painting skills. Perhaps his method is so interesting because he does not request his workshop attendants to copy rather than to do their own painting, but using a distinct idiom of a famous artist. I did similar exercises in a drawing course which really was interesting and helpful.

In this episode you can see how you can do your own Hockney style pool painting plein air even when the skies are grey. The results are quite baffling.

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