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Romantic landscape after Watelet

Thursday, den 18. October 2012

I have a fancy for romantic landscapes and antiques. As my wallet does not have the right size I have to create the objects of desire myself. This one is a picturesque landscape after Claude-Henri Watelet, an amateur painter who lived in the 18th century. I picked that subject (in fact an etching after Watelet) […]

In the edgelands – landfill landscape sketch in oil pastels

Sunday, den 9. September 2012

This is a view to our local landfill. It is placed on the backside of a beautiful ridge that was covered with forest. On the top the trees die due to the methane gas which blocks the openings on the backside of the leaves from closing. As a result the trees evaporate too much and […]

The deer hunter goes out…

Monday, den 23. July 2012

In the early morning the deer hunter roams his revier. He hears a distant muffled clatter in the thicket, not much later here and there traces are found in the black moss covered soil, on young spruce the bark has been peeled off by the males rubbing their antlers. The twigs are broken quite high […]

From the diary of a tramp

Sunday, den 4. March 2012

Did the raven say hello to me?

Thursday, den 9. February 2012

On a recent excursion I had another encounter with a raven, which I had met two summers back not far away from the same place in the woods. I heard that loud remarkable calls and then I could see him flying over the grey sky. I had my phone camera ready and wished the bird […]

Summer on the beach – visual beach holiday

Friday, den 26. August 2011

Beach life and pleasure poster by editionha This summer has been not so great over here yet, to much rain and cold. But artists are inventive and can turn their desire for the sun into a vision at least. It started with a seagull in my sketchbook and then it took off and expanded into […]