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Paint yourself a Hockney – an episode from the forger’s masterclass

Sunday, den 29. September 2013

I stumbled upon a series of astonishingly entertaining and educating videos by a certified forger named John Myatt, a gentleman who spend some time in jail because he got tempted to abuse his obvious talent to emulate other people’s painting style. I liked this video in particular as I learned something about Hockneys way to […]

75 years of Baselitz , the broken romantic on tour at Stihl gallery Waiblingen

Friday, den 6. September 2013

The German chainsaw producer Stihl established an art museum and gallery at their headquarter place Waiblingen, another midsize town in the Stuttgart region, south of Germany. The museum looks like a plastic cake box. As you enter you notice that it is a cooling chamber with bad acoustics. The museum consists mainly of one big […]

Max Pfeiffer-Watenphul – why I love the chronology of his works

Saturday, den 10. August 2013

At Weimar we paid 5 Euros entry fee for the Bauhaus Museum which is nothing but a one room exhibition crammed with 300 something items. Yes I was a bit disappointed, but….to see an original by Max Pfeiffer-Watenphul was great and worth the fee. The work displayed is a portrait of Margarete Willers from 1922. […]

This is from Leipzig – a visit to the art business

Tuesday, den 6. August 2013

Ink drawing, collage of architecture at Leipzig and at the old cotton spinning mill. Who has not heard of the school of Leipzig, Neo Rauch etc. and the Spinnerei, the old spinning mill area that was converted into an art and gallery center at Leipzig? Here in Germany it is well-known in the art world. […]

I got a Tracey Emin autograph – in a signed book

Friday, den 14. June 2013

At present I read Tracey Emin’s book “My life in a column” which is a reprint of her weekly writing 2005-2009 for the British newspaper “The indepedent”. For long time I had not much interest and sympathy for the artist and her work. I had the impression that there was a solely on publicity and […]

John Baldessari – boring art or not

Tuesday, den 4. June 2013

Above:Sunday painting for John Baldessari, landscape with trees by Martin Stankewitz,oil pastel on paper. I like Baldessari and his work as funny and inspiring. I own a big format book titled “This an example of that” with photographs,Hollywood film stills that Baldessari sent to Koen Van den Broek a Belgian artist who overpainted those shots […]