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Not cut yet – drawing the tree trunk again

Sunday, den 25. August 2013

Plum tree trunk,ink on paper I seem never to get tired of looking at trees. There is a remote place about 20 minutes walk from my home amidst the fields and meadows were some plum trees grow unattended, just not cut yet by the farmers who plow through the root area, damage the branches and […]

An old pine tree stump – oil pastel study explained

Monday, den 11. March 2013

I roamed the woods again on the weekend. I saw some old tree stumps polished by wild boar, woodpeckers,tits and nuthatches busy and the leaves of wild Arum showed here and there already. I finally settled down in front of a pine tree stump. The sketch is about 26X23 cm in size. I used in […]

The new edition of “How to draw a tree” is available

Saturday, den 28. May 2011

How to draw a tree by Edition Handdruck | Make Your Own Book The little pamphlet on Blurb has grown a bit and comprises now 80 pages instead of the 72 pages in the previous one. The price is unchanged as I stayed within the 80 page limit. The text was edited and extended and […]

Trunk of a beech tree – gouache sketch

Sunday, den 16. January 2011

Coming back to the place I had begun my last forest diary study in drizzling rain I found that an important part of my subject had been harvested. Somehow I regret that not much of the first steps was left in the final stage of this study, even though a bit of sun was a […]

Lost in wrinkles of bark – draw a tree trunk

Tuesday, den 12. October 2010

Temperatures get chilly these days. After a longer pause I continued to draw in the apple tree orchard. It took some time to pick up the thread again and to find my way through the many labyrinth of wrinkles, plateaus and valleys that the apple tree in front had build in many years of growth. […]

Drawing bark with ink

Tuesday, den 7. September 2010

I spent the last sitting with drawing the bark of the big trunk in the foreground until a wind shock blew my little ink vessel across the sheet. The ink went onto my right arm and into the sleeve of my jacket. And that was it for the day. I forgot to fix the pages […]