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Booktrek – great to be an early reader

Thursday, den 12. September 2013

I have begun to read Booktrek: Selected Essays on Artists’ Books since 1972 Paperback – September 30, 2013 by Clive Phillpot (Author) , Lionel Bovier (Editor) , Christophe Cherix (Introduction). It seems that will have it only by end of this month. There is a short introduction on . I wonder how that […]

Know that you are lucky – another signed art book

Sunday, den 21. July 2013

I have written a kind of book review on another of my favorite books on art by Kathan Brown,the founder of Crown Point Press: “Know that you are lucky” (link to the review on Squidoo). I do not say much about the content because I do not want to spoil the experience those will have […]

I got a Tracey Emin autograph – in a signed book

Friday, den 14. June 2013

At present I read Tracey Emin’s book “My life in a column” which is a reprint of her weekly writing 2005-2009 for the British newspaper “The indepedent”. For long time I had not much interest and sympathy for the artist and her work. I had the impression that there was a solely on publicity and […]

I am still sort of Blurb fan…

Saturday, den 26. January 2013

My Blurb membership is growing old, a bit at least. The first book order I placed on goes back to August 2008. Blurb always has been a bit slow in development from my point of view, but development takes place and for the better. The book editing software is doing OK, there is PAYPAL […]

Drawing in nature – a new publication by Albrecht Rissler

Tuesday, den 4. December 2012

Image credit: Double page from the new book “Zeichnen in der Natur”, with friendly allowance by Albrecht Rissler, copyright Albrecht Rissler Today I want to commend the new book by Albrecht Rissler. It is available on Amazon. When you click on the link in the image credits above you can see a number of images […]

Free online art books to read

Thursday, den 25. October 2012

Landscape invention in picturesque style On my reader today …things magazine with a cache of books. The met publications are a great resource for free art books and online or offline reading especially on american art, but not only. There are many interesting titles on the site, for example van Gogh in Arles. Not all […]