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A piece of the blue sky framed by beech trees

Tuesday, den 21. June 2011

A piece of beautiful blue sky framed by some beech trees caught my attention, made me stop and do a gouache sketch. I really enjoy the beginning of these sketches when everything is a possibility and the colours can be dropped and splashed around. Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle

The leaves are growing slowly in a slow year

Tuesday, den 13. July 2010

It is funny how each year gets it’s own character by the variations in the seasons that I notice while drawing and sketching outdoors. Last year became the year of the forest with the diary I had started without knowing how it would all turn out. This year seems to become a time of slow […]

What is good drawing ? Looking into a knothole

Monday, den 21. June 2010

What is good drawing? This question comes up quite naturally when a couple of artists or art lovers meet and start to discuss their subject of interest. Defining good drawing seems to be as difficult as defining good painting as soon as the question of accurate or academic representation is left. But even getting over […]

Drawing branches and twigs – to hatch or not to hatch that is the question..

Thursday, den 25. February 2010

Today I explored the branches and twigs of yesterday a bit further. Also I played with my drawing tool to find out what kind of lines the Pentel Gel-pen might produce. I took a break between two sessions of 20-30 minutes and returned about an hour later to the same place. As the sun moved […]

Drawing twigs and branches

Wednesday, den 24. February 2010

Temperatures are getting more comfortable this week and daylight stays longer. The season for afternoon and evening excursions is near. In coming days I want to do a couple of drawing studies on twigs and branches. The beginning is made with a stack of apple tree timber on a meadow. I started with a slow, […]

Drawing under an umbrella – The apple tree

Monday, den 7. December 2009

Rainy days can be great for drawing, if the rain is not too heavy. This little study of an apple tree, trunk and and a big branch, was drawn while sitting under an umbrella. The one I have has a little rope at the top which I use to hang it into low branches of […]