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Impressions from the landscape garden Bad Muskau

Thursday, den 15. August 2013

Landscape garden Bad Muskau,ink drawing in leporello sketch book,(Pentel brush pen) Fürst Pückler (1786-1871) is one of the most peculiar persons I have ever heard about. I still need to read his famous memoir, but I already studied a bit of his remarks on landscape gardens. Landscape gardening was the ultimate obsession of the man […]

Goethe at Weimar – the garden house

Sunday, den 28. July 2013

This is the “standard” view to Goethe’s garden house at Weimar located in a beautiful garden around the river Ilm. On a short trip around the beautiful South eastern parts of Germany I had the opportunity to do this ink sketch in a Japanese leporello journal. I used the Pentel brush pen, which is one […]

The green green grass and trees of summer

Tuesday, den 16. July 2013

The summer vegetation is saturated with greens which sometimes can be a bit boring subject for Plein Air work. For that reason I have taken an excursion into ink drawing recently and added three more entries to my sketch or drawing book with local landscapes. Maulbronn Elfinger Hof is an ancient Cistercian “Grangie” a kind […]

City of Perpignan – monotype prints from a holiday photograph

Friday, den 28. June 2013

This time-lapse video shows the creation of a monotype print drawn with oil sticks on a glass plate in one step and then printed/rubbed by hand to a sheet of paper. It took one hour to do this demo piece. The complete image was drawn in one step and the color was manipulated with some […]

Sunday morning in the vineyard – painting plein air with oil pastels

Monday, den 24. June 2013

Buy a print on Redbubble On a nice sunny Sunday morning I did this small size oil pastel with my Caran d’Ache set on site. I had to cut the video file down to a time lapse with 8x speed, otherwise the file would be much too big for upload. The support is a paper […]

Writing a landscape – outdoor pen drawing in a sketchbook

Thursday, den 20. June 2013

As soon as there is some confidence in drawing skills I think that a change in the drawing from life process happens. Instead of thinking how to get proportions right drawing makes a transition to writing, what it is from my point of view. The drawing is put down in writing movements and emerges from […]