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The forest diary – now as e-book avalaible thanks to the Blurb ebook editor

Friday, den 17. August 2012

Blurb has made a great change to their e-book feature. In the past e-books had to be a one to one copy of the print versions. I had problems with that because there was no good solution for double page pictures. In the print version I prefer to leave some extra space in the middle […]

Everything sucks – more than ever

Saturday, den 28. July 2012

Everything sucks, more than ever… design spam is a common desease on POD sites. But what can you do??? It is getting harder and harder to make your way in the POD world. Design spam, tag spam and last not least terrible, bad site performance turn POD sites more and more into painful experiences for […]

Canvas wrap prints a new product on Zazzle

Friday, den 7. October 2011

Zazzle has introduced an new product line recently: Wrapped Canvas prints. This is good news. The prints look great and open a new market for visual artists. See some examples below. The wrap is available in three different thicknesses. The sizes can be customized to standard sizes and any size and ratio between 8 and […]