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Free online art books to read

Thursday, den 25. October 2012

Landscape invention in picturesque style On my reader today …things magazine with a cache of books. The met publications are a great resource for free art books and online or offline reading especially on american art, but not only. There are many interesting titles on the site, for example van Gogh in Arles. Not all […]

The forest diary – now as e-book avalaible thanks to the Blurb ebook editor

Friday, den 17. August 2012

Blurb has made a great change to their e-book feature. In the past e-books had to be a one to one copy of the print versions. I had problems with that because there was no good solution for double page pictures. In the print version I prefer to leave some extra space in the middle […]

A couple of things to share….

Monday, den 30. July 2012

Yes, I still design some t-shirts…this is for the ambitious gardener (link to Skreened shop). I am way behind with writing about latest interesting finds on the net. So here comes a short list… 1. # has proven the only online notebook that is quick,easy and efficient enough to stay on my comp and mobile. […]

Pictures are text and text are pictures

Friday, den 9. December 2011

A friendly reader mailed me two incredible text quotes, one from Sartre and one from Vaclav Havel, which I want to post here. From Nausea by Sartre “So I was in the park just now. The roots of the chestnut tree were sunk in the ground just under my bench. I couldn’t remember it was […]

The present and future of reading

Monday, den 21. November 2011

After reading some of the essays in the book “Exploring new information cultures”(link to the book on amazon, no I get no commission) I am not sure whether this is an entirely off topic post. Reading is not only reading text it is also reading pictures: reading becomes looking. The new media+internet seem to blur […]

Oak, one tree, three years, 50 paintings – by Stephen Taylor

Friday, den 18. November 2011

The local bookstore has proven indispensable one more time. I found one copy of “Oak,one tree,three years,50 paintings” by the British painter Stephen Taylor lying on top of a pile of art books as if it was left there with purpose to be found by the right buyer. A quick look made clear that I […]