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Impressions from the landscape garden Bad Muskau

Thursday, den 15. August 2013

Landscape garden Bad Muskau,ink drawing in leporello sketch book,(Pentel brush pen) Fürst Pückler (1786-1871) is one of the most peculiar persons I have ever heard about. I still need to read his famous memoir, but I already studied a bit of his remarks on landscape gardens. Landscape gardening was the ultimate obsession of the man […]

Goethe at Weimar – the garden house

Sunday, den 28. July 2013

This is the “standard” view to Goethe’s garden house at Weimar located in a beautiful garden around the river Ilm. On a short trip around the beautiful South eastern parts of Germany I had the opportunity to do this ink sketch in a Japanese leporello journal. I used the Pentel brush pen, which is one […]

The green green grass and trees of summer

Tuesday, den 16. July 2013

The summer vegetation is saturated with greens which sometimes can be a bit boring subject for Plein Air work. For that reason I have taken an excursion into ink drawing recently and added three more entries to my sketch or drawing book with local landscapes. Maulbronn Elfinger Hof is an ancient Cistercian “Grangie” a kind […]

Writing a landscape – outdoor pen drawing in a sketchbook

Thursday, den 20. June 2013

As soon as there is some confidence in drawing skills I think that a change in the drawing from life process happens. Instead of thinking how to get proportions right drawing makes a transition to writing, what it is from my point of view. The drawing is put down in writing movements and emerges from […]

Landscape sketches in oil pastels

Tuesday, den 2. April 2013

Here are some more pages from my oil pastel sketchbook that gets slowly filled. The first and the last are not completely finished yet. On the long Easter weekend I started a another small oil pastel painting in our local vineyards.This time I tested the time lapse function of my Gopro Hero Camera. I found […]

Caran d’Ache Neopastels on Paperworld 2013

Friday, den 1. February 2013

I was so incredibly fortunate to get an invite by Caran D’Ache to do some demonstration of painting and sketching with the Neopastel oil pastels on the Paperworld Frankfurt 2013. Those four days of painting and talking were exhausting and great. There was the opportunity to speak directly with the professionals of Caran d’Ache about […]