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Saturday, den 1. October 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle This sketch was done in two sessions starting as usual from the back and painting/sketching towards the foreground. Each state of the sketch could be seen as a kind of under painting for the next stage. The sequence of images below documents some of the intermediate states of […]

A piece of the blue sky framed by beech trees

Tuesday, den 21. June 2011

A piece of beautiful blue sky framed by some beech trees caught my attention, made me stop and do a gouache sketch. I really enjoy the beginning of these sketches when everything is a possibility and the colours can be dropped and splashed around. Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle

Drawing pine trees in charcoal – a tutorial for

Sunday, den 5. June 2011

During May I have spent a few evenings with some charcoal studies that will be published on Gavin Banns the owner of that site had contacted me kindly asking for permission to use some of my tree drawing material published on Squidoo. He probably asked at the very right moment as I had plans […]

Pear and apple tree – mapping foilage in a pen line drawing in a Demo slide show

Thursday, den 12. May 2011

This is a little slide shows a line drawing of a pear and an apple tree in several subsequent steps. The first image is a grey scale photograph edited in photoshop elements to make zones in different tonalities visible. On site one can simulate this effect by squinting. After drawing the outline I continued to […]

In the green hell – spring foilage is out!

Wednesday, den 4. May 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle Spring and spring landscapes are a big temptation and a source of frustration for painters…trouble is spring foliage does drive people to tears! Unless you do not care and just love to dabble happily with your colours as I did on this beautiful sunny morning in the woods. […]

Drawing tree tops – a simple recipe

Saturday, den 9. April 2011

Recently I updated my microsite about drawing deciduous trees. I used the line sketch above to illustrate basic steps that can help beginners to draw such complicated matter as a tree top. As first step I suggest to draw the shape of the tree in order to get familiar with the proportions of trunk and […]