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Coarse woody debris – oil pastel study of an old tree stump

Monday, den 4. June 2012

There a a couple of places in the woods that I like to revisit regularly for years now. One of those is a the edge of a beech forest clearing. Big trunks and tree stumps, coarse woody debris, are exposed to the elements, rain and heat throughout the year. I love the ,many delicate greys […]

Forest nature diary, forest clearing morning

Saturday, den 1. October 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle This sketch was done in two sessions starting as usual from the back and painting/sketching towards the foreground. Each state of the sketch could be seen as a kind of under painting for the next stage. The sequence of images below documents some of the intermediate states of […]

Forest diary sketching at a creek, topographical notes and history

Sunday, den 14. August 2011

Today I walked again to a place called “Graubrunnen” (grey fountain). It is a patch of some 50 acres of forest. There are a number of small creeks which fall dry in summer unless there is rain. But nevertheless it is moist there. For me this place is a special, sinister place. During the Nazi-regime […]

Woody debris, gouache forest sketch – barking roe deers

Tuesday, den 19. July 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle I needed two sessions to complete this gouache sketch in the forest diary. It is the mating season for the roe deers. Today I heard a roebuck jumping through the undergrowth coming nearer. Finally there he stood some 40 yards opposite of me staring curiously at the intruder. […]

Trying to put it on postcards for a while

Sunday, den 23. January 2011

There is a new link on the blogroll named “Postcard from my walk“. This is a little project that some 14 people will participate in over the next 13 months. Each month we will try to put something what we see on our walks through landscape (or somewhere else) on a postcard and send it […]

Forest diary – the last dead trunk session

Monday, den 13. December 2010

As expected the snow had melted away since my last visit. Temperatures well above zero and some rain removed the white cover of last week almost entirely. While on my way through the woods on this overcast day I noticed the wonderful greens of moist moss on the trunks of beech and oak trees which […]