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Hippie birdsday! A fun collage postcard with songbird and birds house

Thursday, den 2. February 2012

Hippie birdsday – funny bird birthday postcard I am still doing designs for my Zazzle shop on a regular basis, but I have slowed down a bit as the site has so many glitches as if it was in Hyper-Beta. These are my latest creations for Zazzle. Those designs are a combination of drawings and [...]

Canvas wrap prints a new product on Zazzle

Friday, den 7. October 2011

Zazzle has introduced an new product line recently: Wrapped Canvas prints. This is good news. The prints look great and open a new market for visual artists. See some examples below. The wrap is available in three different thicknesses. The sizes can be customized to standard sizes and any size and ratio between 8 and [...]