Sketching trees in lousy weather

Friday, den 14. May 2010

The weather has been to cold and moist for my taste during these early days of May. The rain did not alow me to continue with the bigger drawing, instead I played on small format paper with ink and pen. The quick notations below, shall serve as preliminary image ideas for monotype printing.

How to draw tree tops

Sunday, den 14. March 2010

Drawing tree tops is a bit frightening in view of the many details. More than in any other part of a tree drawing the artist is confronted with limits of depiction. In this little form study in India ink on a glossy artprint paper I have chosen a very simple way of escape. There are […]

Turning a tree landscape sketch into a postcard

Saturday, den 6. March 2010

Art postcard Tree landscape by editionha postcard printing by Heavy snow fall during the night and this morning took us back into winter. Therefore I spent the morning hours in the printing studio converting a small oilpastels sketch into to a monotype print. The sketch was done on the very same fruit tree meadow,which […]

Drawing twigs and branches

Wednesday, den 24. February 2010

Temperatures are getting more comfortable this week and daylight stays longer. The season for afternoon and evening excursions is near. In coming days I want to do a couple of drawing studies on twigs and branches. The beginning is made with a stack of apple tree timber on a meadow. I started with a slow, […]

Drawing under an umbrella – The apple tree

Monday, den 7. December 2009

Rainy days can be great for drawing, if the rain is not too heavy. This little study of an apple tree, trunk and and a big branch, was drawn while sitting under an umbrella. The one I have has a little rope at the top which I use to hang it into low branches of […]

Trees are good – The national tree benefit calculator

Friday, den 25. September 2009

Drawing trees means getting involved and interested in their live. Most of us know that trees are good, for the environment. But how good are they? There are numerous attempts to quantify the benefits of trees. All of the calculation models have their weaknesses, but at least one can get a bit of an idea. […]