Apple tree foliage – outdoor sketch in gouache colors

Friday, den 20. May 2011

The many spring greens already merge into the more or less uniform,saturated and dull summer green. The images above show how the latest sketch developed. The advantage of gouache is that it is opaque and it is possible to paint in layers. Especially for depicting foliage this property can be very helpful as it is […]

Lost in wrinkles of bark – draw a tree trunk

Tuesday, den 12. October 2010

Temperatures get chilly these days. After a longer pause I continued to draw in the apple tree orchard. It took some time to pick up the thread again and to find my way through the many labyrinth of wrinkles, plateaus and valleys that the apple tree in front had build in many years of growth. […]

Drawing bark with ink

Tuesday, den 7. September 2010

I spent the last sitting with drawing the bark of the big trunk in the foreground until a wind shock blew my little ink vessel across the sheet. The ink went onto my right arm and into the sleeve of my jacket. And that was it for the day. I forgot to fix the pages […]

Back in the apple tree orchards

Thursday, den 26. August 2010

Most of my drawing time I have spent in apple tree orchards this year. This is the second larger ink drawing in a sketchbook still in the works. One can get lost in the details of bark and leaves, oin this study I just go on without making a lot of considerations about the end […]

colour break – gouache sketch apple trees in field

Monday, den 23. August 2010

Apple tree orchard drawing finished

Monday, den 16. August 2010

Last week the ink drawing started some time in June was finished. Here one can see the stages of this drawing in size of ca. 18″X24″.