I am still sort of Blurb fan…

Saturday, den 26. January 2013

My Blurb membership is growing old, a bit at least. The first book order I placed on Blurb.com goes back to August 2008. Blurb always has been a bit slow in development from my point of view, but development takes place and for the better. The book editing software is doing OK, there is PAYPAL […]

The new edition of “How to draw a tree” is available

Saturday, den 28. May 2011

How to draw a tree by Edition Handdruck | Make Your Own Book The little pamphlet on Blurb has grown a bit and comprises now 80 pages instead of the 72 pages in the previous one. The price is unchanged as I stayed within the 80 page limit. The text was edited and extended and […]

The tree of codes – source of inspiration

Monday, den 16. May 2011

There are some books one has to have. The tree of codes by Jonathan Safran Foer is one of those for me. Cover graphics and title got my attention immediately. There can be some sort of magic in books, especially in art and artists books, they can spark off ideas or close missing connections. Visual […]