Pictures are text and text are pictures

Friday, den 9. December 2011

A friendly reader mailed me two incredible text quotes, one from Sartre and one from Vaclav Havel, which I want to post here. From Nausea by Sartre “So I was in the park just now. The roots of the chestnut tree were sunk in the ground just under my bench. I couldn’t remember it was […]

How to draw pine trees in charcoal

Thursday, den 18. August 2011

Some time ago I have written a short tutorial how to draw pine trees in charcoal for The tutorial is published now. I tried to document the drawing process also with some short phone videos, mainly to show the use of a soft eraser to creat structures on bark etc. is a great […]

Lisa Oxley – charcoal forest drawings

Wednesday, den 27. July 2011

I am always on the hunt for tree and forest drawings. It seems that the topic is inexhaustible. The artist Lisa Oxley has made a remarkable contribution from my point of view with her charcoal drawings of treesĀ (drawing 2). I have never seen something like that before. There is a great balance between the abstract […]

Drawing pine trees in charcoal – a tutorial for

Sunday, den 5. June 2011

During May I have spent a few evenings with some charcoal studies that will be published on Gavin Banns the owner of that site had contacted me kindly asking for permission to use some of my tree drawing material published on Squidoo. He probably asked at the very right moment as I had plans […]

Charcoal landscape drawing with trees

Wednesday, den 20. October 2010

This is an older plein air landscape study in charcoal. A soft eraser was very helpful to work out the field and grass in the foreground. As to the trees I kept things pretty much undefined in a more or less impressionistic manner.

Drawing a forest – who can do it ?

Thursday, den 17. September 2009

Some people can, for example the swedish artist Om Jan Tenow. He does terrific charoal landscape drawings in an amazing format. His works take you on an areal trip over coniferous forests with myriads of tiny trees. Here is the link to the inspiring work: Charcoal drawings by Om Jan Tenow The image of today […]