A study of bark and leaves

Thursday, den 5. August 2010

I have turned the page in my big sketchbook about three weeks ago. Another ink drawing to document some of our local orchards is developing step by step. Returning again and again to the same place to draw is an interesting experience. Illustrator Penelope Dullaghan blogs about the Terra Places Project, it is tempting to […]

Drawing in the heat

Wednesday, den 30. June 2010

Summer has arrived in a rush now. Temperatures went up to 30°C during the last couple of days. The ink drawing of a fruit tree meadow made further progress. The end is not near yet, funny enough I look forward to the many leaves that are waiting for me to be drawn somehow.

How to draw grass?

Sunday, den 30. May 2010

Session number six today was mostly about the grass and the meadow. I continued to draw from a different perspective, which was convenient as there were rainshowers and low temperatures. Shelter was found under the roof of an old stone hut. There is still a bit works to do at one of the trunks, but […]

Drawing apple and other fruit trees

Sunday, den 2. May 2010

I always liked those fruit tree meadows around my home. They cover only a fairly small percentage of the land, but especially in spring season they are a highlight in the landscape. One can hardly believe that in Baden-Württemberg the total area of those meadows with pear, apple, plum and cherry trees has been reduced […]