Circles and lines – knitting the tree landscape

Friday, den 24. August 2012

My latest entry in the old style landscape drawing book consists of only two types of elements: circular and linear marks, vertical or horizontal.I started in the upper right corner and made my way to the left and downwards from there.

Ink drawing – the trunk of a pear tree

Monday, den 26. March 2012

I managed to do this ink drawing just before a cold rain shower came down last weekend. Temperatures have gone up nicely and I look forward to continue the ink drawing series in my indian sketchbook during this summer. It is difficult to draw on that gampi paper which is a bit like blotting paper. [...]

Tree trunks as barcodes

Friday, den 16. December 2011

Over the last couple of months I have done simple ink drawings which I want to use in another book publication. Neglecting branches and foliage I recorded only the barcode patterns i.e. the distance between and the diameter of trunks in relation to each other at certain places in the woods. The images displayed here [...]