Ink and oil experiment – black mixed media tree landscape drawing

Monday, den 18. June 2012

One of the projects I had planned to work on this year is to experiment with ink drawings combined with oil and oil thinned oil colors as I use them in my monotype prints. Inspired by the works of Hanns Schimansky and another artist (I lost the link,but it is somewhere on this blog)who does […]

Book review – Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet

Monday, den 12. March 2012

Luc Tuymans – pen drawing by M.Stankewitz Finally I got a copy of Chronographie by Nikita Fossoul and Dominique Goblet. I feel lucky because as most of the books by Dominique Goblet also this one is practically out of print after short time. As far as I know the project is unique, it has taken […]

Tree landscape – improvisation

Monday, den 20. September 2010

This landscape painting is the result of a spontaneous experiment with a rather wild mixture of various media on paper. Autumn becomes already visible here and there in nature, greens seem to get softer and muted.