City of Perpignan – monotype prints from a holiday photograph

Friday, den 28. June 2013

This time-lapse video shows the creation of a monotype print drawn with oil sticks on a glass plate in one step and then printed/rubbed by hand to a sheet of paper. It took one hour to do this demo piece. The complete image was drawn in one step and the color was manipulated with some […]

Going Etsy – special Monotype print offer

Monday, den 22. August 2011

Visit the Etsy shop for details of this print I opened a shop on recently to sell my original monotype prints. The collection in the shop is slowly growing. New works will be added step by step. For some time I will place “special bargain” offers in that shop. Readers of this weblog will […]

Spotlight on Stuart Shils – painter and monotype printmaker

Sunday, den 8. May 2011

Thanks to painting perceptions I learned about Stuart Shils a great painter and monotype printmaker. His portfolio of monotype prints is awesome. But do not miss to have a look at his drawings and sketches. Read here the interview with Stuart Shils on painting perceptions including a 2 part video showing the artist in making […]

Tree monotype prints by Wendy Orville

Sunday, den 11. April 2010

Two trees – Monotype print,size:9X9,courtesy by Wendy Orville, all rights reserved by the artist Today I want to take a little excursion into monotype printmaking. Recently I had a friendly email exchange with monotype printer Wendy Orville, who kindly notified me about her new website address so I could update a link list with my […]