Apple tree foliage – outdoor sketch in gouache colors

Friday, den 20. May 2011

The many spring greens already merge into the more or less uniform,saturated and dull summer green. The images above show how the latest sketch developed. The advantage of gouache is that it is opaque and it is possible to paint in layers. Especially for depicting foliage this property can be very helpful as it is […]

The leaves are growing slowly in a slow year

Tuesday, den 13. July 2010

It is funny how each year gets it’s own character by the variations in the seasons that I notice while drawing and sketching outdoors. Last year became the year of the forest with the diary I had started without knowing how it would all turn out. This year seems to become a time of slow […]

A funny little drawing of orchard trees – it is hard to look at,lines are vibrating

Thursday, den 8. July 2010

The strong contrast between black lines and white paper can be a challenge for the human eye. When I looked at this simple ink sketch of an apple tree orchard, I noticed that I had difficulties to see the drawing as a whole. As soon as the eye fixates a detail some other lines at […]