Writing a landscape – outdoor pen drawing in a sketchbook

Thursday, den 20. June 2013

As soon as there is some confidence in drawing skills I think that a change in the drawing from life process happens. Instead of thinking how to get proportions right drawing makes a transition to writing, what it is from my point of view. The drawing is put down in writing movements and emerges from […]

Tree drawings by Albrecht Rissler

Wednesday, den 16. February 2011

OLIVE TREE NEAR FOURFOURAS, roller ball pen, Sketchbook Crete, 2009 courtesy Albrecht Rissler. Today I want to point out to a recent addition to the blogroll of this blog “drawing landscape” by Albrecht Rissler. For all those who are interested in drawing landscapes and trees this new weblog will be a resource of inspiration. The […]

Drawing under an umbrella – The apple tree

Monday, den 7. December 2009

Rainy days can be great for drawing, if the rain is not too heavy. This little study of an apple tree, trunk and and a big branch, was drawn while sitting under an umbrella. The one I have has a little rope at the top which I use to hang it into low branches of […]