The blurred landscape – 56 landscape photographs

Tuesday, den 26. June 2012

There is a new publication available on Blurb now. Over the last couple of months I have collected a portfolio of blurred landscape photographs. 56 photographs were selected and grouped for the 60 page book. I decided to publish this book as document for the latest change in my way to see and look at […]

A walk around Abbey Maulbronn – some ink sketches and photographs

Friday, den 28. October 2011

Taking a short tour around the Abbey Maulbronn takes not much more than an hour with plenty of time to sketch and take photographs. Spring, Autumn and Winter are the best seasons as to light and colors for a visit to Maulbronn. The view on the quiet lake is beautiful at around 17.30 -18.00 h […]

Trying to put it on postcards for a while

Sunday, den 23. January 2011

There is a new link on the blogroll named “Postcard from my walk“. This is a little project that some 14 people will participate in over the next 13 months. Each month we will try to put something what we see on our walks through landscape (or somewhere else) on a postcard and send it […]

A walk in the woods – Paperback

Thursday, den 19. August 2010

Waldspaziergang | Make Your Own Book I have put together a quick paperback book, which contains black and white photographs taken on a recent walk in the woods with a handy camera. Two panoramas, the record of 24X25 footsteps and some mushrooms are included. This is not about perfection or beauty in photography. Some of […]

Looking at trees from different sides – photographic tableau

Friday, den 4. September 2009

It is very rewarding to look at the same trees from different sides and to study them again and again. Many trees are good old friends of mine and I re-visit them regularly. Each time I find something new and surprising, some changes that have taken place, which tell about time and age. Today I […]