Talking about pleasing decay – Rigby Graham on John Piper’s views on Stowe

Monday, den 5. November 2012

John Piper ‘Stowe’ from on Vimeo. Here is a short sequence from a video on John Piper published by Goldmark Gallery. Stowe is such an impressive landscape garden. John Piper spend a lot of time there and created amazing prints. His bold, inventive use of lines,forms and colours is very inspiring. Goldmark has quite […]

Romantic landscape after Watelet

Thursday, den 18. October 2012

I have a fancy for romantic landscapes and antiques. As my wallet does not have the right size I have to create the objects of desire myself. This one is a picturesque landscape after Claude-Henri Watelet, an amateur painter who lived in the 18th century. I picked that subject (in fact an etching after Watelet) […]

Applied tree sketching – Stop hunting of teddy bears!

Monday, den 10. January 2011

No hunting of Teddy bears! by editionhaBrowse more Hunting T-Shirts This is a case of applied tree drawing: The non teddy bear hunting T-shirt available fresh from the printer.

A willow tree and an excursion into the picturesque

Tuesday, den 26. January 2010

This is the final stage of my efforts to depict a picturesque tree, a willow near a small creek. Recent studies on the picturesque and it´s ongoing mighty force in modern times yielded some interesting results. Anyone who is interested in landscape painting or drawing will eventually hear and read about William Gilpin, the british […]