An old pine tree stump – oil pastel study explained

Monday, den 11. March 2013

I roamed the woods again on the weekend. I saw some old tree stumps polished by wild boar, woodpeckers,tits and nuthatches busy and the leaves of wild Arum showed here and there already. I finally settled down in front of a pine tree stump. The sketch is about 26X23 cm in size. I used in […]

How to draw pine trees in charcoal

Thursday, den 18. August 2011

Some time ago I have written a short tutorial how to draw pine trees in charcoal for The tutorial is published now. I tried to document the drawing process also with some short phone videos, mainly to show the use of a soft eraser to creat structures on bark etc. is a great […]

Drawing pine trees in charcoal – a tutorial for

Sunday, den 5. June 2011

During May I have spent a few evenings with some charcoal studies that will be published on Gavin Banns the owner of that site had contacted me kindly asking for permission to use some of my tree drawing material published on Squidoo. He probably asked at the very right moment as I had plans […]