A path in the woods – gouache sketch from the forest diary

Friday, den 17. June 2011

This is a quiet forest path, people rarely walk here. The birds were very active on this morning. Young woodpeckers made such a noise that I had to choose another place. I regret that I was not able to catch the vivid contrasts of light and shadows in and under the canopy of the trees. […]

Drawing trees from memory- clear as a dream

Wednesday, den 10. November 2010

Our visual memory is a strong tool, but drawing always from life does not train us to recall what we have seen. On a workshop years ago I heard from the tutor that it is possible to draw almost everything we have seen from memory quite accuratly. It might take some effort to recall visual […]

Online tree drawing tutorials: How to draw tree

Thursday, den 17. September 2009

I am an avid collector of online tree drawing tutorials. There are many of them out there and quite a number are good ones.For today I have picked a 15 Page tutorial : Guide to tree sketching by Claire Walke Leslie, which I find very suitable for beginners too.Mrs. Leslie explains many aspects of a […]