Rural pasture, illusions of unspoiled pre-industrial landscape views

Friday, den 30. August 2013

About half a mile from here the local gambling shop was robbed on a sunny Sunday morning. The railroad runs behind a curtain of trees not far away as the road, busy with cars and lorries. There is the permanent sough of wheels on asphalt and steel in the air. The cows are hidden from […]

The funnny weather of October snow

Saturday, den 10. November 2012

This small gouache sketch with a view on local vine yards was done on the 1st of November in sunshine. I taped the paper to get a clear borderline, I had seen this on Nathan Fawkes Land Sketch blog.The autumn foliage is at its peak at the end of October to the first days of […]

In the edgelands – landfill landscape sketch in oil pastels

Sunday, den 9. September 2012

This is a view to our local landfill. It is placed on the backside of a beautiful ridge that was covered with forest. On the top the trees die due to the methane gas which blocks the openings on the backside of the leaves from closing. As a result the trees evaporate too much and […]

Trees over jazz and rock discography

Friday, den 31. August 2012

I found an old paperback on my book shelf an AKAI Jazz and rock discography from the 1980′s and could not resists to use it a sketchbook for quick landscape notes. The drawing is made with a Pentel ink brush pen, a tool that I can highly commend.

Coarse woody debris – oil pastel study of an old tree stump

Monday, den 4. June 2012

There a a couple of places in the woods that I like to revisit regularly for years now. One of those is a the edge of a beech forest clearing. Big trunks and tree stumps, coarse woody debris, are exposed to the elements, rain and heat throughout the year. I love the ,many delicate greys […]

oil pastel sketchbook – vineyard hut and bathtub

Tuesday, den 24. April 2012

Last year I altered a book, an art book with nice strong paper. I bought it two or three years ago, cheap, cheaper than a good blank sketchbook at a couple of Euros and knew that some day I would make something of it. In winter I painted all pages with thinned oil colors to […]