In the green hell – spring foilage is out!

Wednesday, den 4. May 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle Spring and spring landscapes are a big temptation and a source of frustration for painters…trouble is spring foliage does drive people to tears! Unless you do not care and just love to dabble happily with your colours as I did on this beautiful sunny morning in the woods. […]

Forest border – spring landscape

Thursday, den 21. April 2011

Spring is here, every day…almost every hour changes become visible. Spring seems to be the fastest season. In 2-3 weeks all the fresh greens, the white and pinkish blooming will be over. I rushed out after work to do a quick sketch…

Apple trees – spring landscape

Friday, den 23. April 2010

Spring is coming, the first green leaves and some white blossoms on cherry trees can be seen. This time of year is the most exiting one as the wonder of living nature is unfolding again in front of our eyes. I spent some evening hours with a gouache set and ink among the apple trees […]