The deer hunter goes out…

Monday, den 23. July 2012

In the early morning the deer hunter roams his revier. He hears a distant muffled clatter in the thicket, not much later here and there traces are found in the black moss covered soil, on young spruce the bark has been peeled off by the males rubbing their antlers. The twigs are broken quite high […]

Young spruce tree forest – graphic effects of light and shadow

Wednesday, den 1. June 2011

There are not many conifer forest around here. Therefore a spruce tree forest of a few acres offers a somewhat exotic atmosphere in comparison to the oak and beech trees. On my last visit I had done a quick ink study of trunks and spent some more time with photographs of the intriguing light and […]

Sketching in rain – Douglas fir and spruce tree forest

Monday, den 14. March 2011

It was already raining a bit when I left home. First birds could be heard, especially the woodpeckers were very busy, spring is coming soon. I sat down in a dark, young douglas fir and spruce tree forest. Green algae covered some of the trunks and contrasted with the dark wet bark. The wind was […]

Applied tree sketching – Stop hunting of teddy bears!

Monday, den 10. January 2011

No hunting of Teddy bears! by editionhaBrowse more Hunting T-Shirts This is a case of applied tree drawing: The non teddy bear hunting T-shirt available fresh from the printer.

Drawing trees from memory- clear as a dream

Wednesday, den 10. November 2010

Our visual memory is a strong tool, but drawing always from life does not train us to recall what we have seen. On a workshop years ago I heard from the tutor that it is possible to draw almost everything we have seen from memory quite accuratly. It might take some effort to recall visual […]

Drawing of a spruce tree finished – final session

Sunday, den 16. August 2009

The sketches of a spruce tree are finished now. On the third and last evening session I tried to draw the full tree. I took simple measurements with a wooden stick to learn about the proportions : Ratio of tree top and total height, width of the trunk and lateral expansion of the tree top. […]