Trees over jazz and rock discography

Friday, den 31. August 2012

I found an old paperback on my book shelf an AKAI Jazz and rock discography from the 1980′s and could not resists to use it a sketchbook for quick landscape notes. The drawing is made with a Pentel ink brush pen, a tool that I can highly commend.

Tree landscape in floating gouache

Friday, den 13. July 2012

I love to play with floating gouache colors on colored paper scraps. This tree landscape emerged when I tried to transfer the experience of the blurred landscape photography into real colors. I used a lot of water, the colors were added and removed in several layers.

Ink and oil experiment – black mixed media tree landscape drawing

Monday, den 18. June 2012

One of the projects I had planned to work on this year is to experiment with ink drawings combined with oil and oil thinned oil colors as I use them in my monotype prints. Inspired by the works of Hanns Schimansky and another artist (I lost the link,but it is somewhere on this blog)who does […]

Back in the apple tree orchards

Thursday, den 26. August 2010

Most of my drawing time I have spent in apple tree orchards this year. This is the second larger ink drawing in a sketchbook still in the works. One can get lost in the details of bark and leaves, oin this study I just go on without making a lot of considerations about the end […]

Apple tree orchard drawing finished

Monday, den 16. August 2010

Last week the ink drawing started some time in June was finished. Here one can see the stages of this drawing in size of ca. 18″X24″.

The end is near – apple tree orchard drawing in ink

Wednesday, den 21. July 2010