Drawing tree tops – a simple recipe

Saturday, den 9. April 2011

Recently I updated my microsite about drawing deciduous trees. I used the line sketch above to illustrate basic steps that can help beginners to draw such complicated matter as a tree top. As first step I suggest to draw the shape of the tree in order to get familiar with the proportions of trunk and […]

Forest diary – on the clearing, gouache sketch

Friday, den 11. February 2011

I documented this sketch of a clearing in woods in a few snaphots with my mobile phone camera. 1.First the sky and the background were sketched with a big brush (2 inch brush from the DIY-market) in thin washes of colour 2.With the next smaller brush size (no16) some more detailed forms and darker tonalities […]

The end is near – apple tree orchard drawing in ink

Wednesday, den 21. July 2010

Drawing the shape of trees

Thursday, den 17. December 2009

I love to draw the shape of a tree. Usually I start at the top and sketch the outline downwards. In this pen sketch I tried to identify areas with the same tonality and marked them with more or less dense hatches. I have seen works of painters who were able to work with 7-9 […]