November landscape sketch in gouache

Friday, den 16. November 2012

A typical November day, drizzling rain, moist air and a colossal grey sky with slowly moving clouds. I tried hard to capture those thin clouds that smoked from the wooded hill named “Burgberg” in the background. I have been there on top to meet the “Schreckstein” which translates to “the stone that scares you”. And [...]

Circles and lines – knitting the tree landscape

Friday, den 24. August 2012

My latest entry in the old style landscape drawing book consists of only two types of elements: circular and linear marks, vertical or horizontal.I started in the upper right corner and made my way to the left and downwards from there.

Oak, one tree, three years, 50 paintings – by Stephen Taylor

Friday, den 18. November 2011

The local bookstore has proven indispensable one more time. I found one copy of “Oak,one tree,three years,50 paintings” by the British painter Stephen Taylor lying on top of a pile of art books as if it was left there with purpose to be found by the right buyer. A quick look made clear that I [...]