Circles and lines – knitting the tree landscape

Friday, den 24. August 2012

My latest entry in the old style landscape drawing book consists of only two types of elements: circular and linear marks, vertical or horizontal.I started in the upper right corner and made my way to the left and downwards from there.

Inner edge of forest gouache sketch

Sunday, den 18. September 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle There are windy days, the wind howls up in the trees. I have walked to the very edge of the village district. Looking through the trees I can see some orchards down hill and in the far distance the next bigger city in front of hazy blue background […]

Sketching in the rain – Ink drawing under tree tops

Saturday, den 23. July 2011

As long as there is no wind I still like to go out to sketch. I found a fairly dry place underneath the layers of beech foliage and decided to make notes of the forests grid of tree trunks. As I neglected the foliage this image looks like winter. I buy ink in bigger bottles […]

A piece of the blue sky framed by beech trees

Tuesday, den 21. June 2011

A piece of beautiful blue sky framed by some beech trees caught my attention, made me stop and do a gouache sketch. I really enjoy the beginning of these sketches when everything is a possibility and the colours can be dropped and splashed around. Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle

Young spruce tree forest – graphic effects of light and shadow

Wednesday, den 1. June 2011

There are not many conifer forest around here. Therefore a spruce tree forest of a few acres offers a somewhat exotic atmosphere in comparison to the oak and beech trees. On my last visit I had done a quick ink study of trunks and spent some more time with photographs of the intriguing light and […]

The tree of codes – source of inspiration

Monday, den 16. May 2011

There are some books one has to have. The tree of codes by Jonathan Safran Foer is one of those for me. Cover graphics and title got my attention immediately. There can be some sort of magic in books, especially in art and artists books, they can spark off ideas or close missing connections. Visual […]