How to draw pine trees in charcoal

Thursday, den 18. August 2011

Some time ago I have written a short tutorial how to draw pine trees in charcoal for The tutorial is published now. I tried to document the drawing process also with some short phone videos, mainly to show the use of a soft eraser to creat structures on bark etc. is a great […]

Woody debris, gouache forest sketch – barking roe deers

Tuesday, den 19. July 2011

Buy this sketch as postcard on Zazzle I needed two sessions to complete this gouache sketch in the forest diary. It is the mating season for the roe deers. Today I heard a roebuck jumping through the undergrowth coming nearer. Finally there he stood some 40 yards opposite of me staring curiously at the intruder. […]

How to paint shadows – painting tutorial

Thursday, den 7. July 2011

buy art print pastel still life flea market on Zazzle For some time I studied light and shadow in a number of dry pastel paintings. Some old vessels bought on the flea market were arranged to still life that I lighted with a strong 1000 Watt light bulb to get dramatic shadows and strong lights. […]

Apple tree foliage – outdoor sketch in gouache colors

Friday, den 20. May 2011

The many spring greens already merge into the more or less uniform,saturated and dull summer green. The images above show how the latest sketch developed. The advantage of gouache is that it is opaque and it is possible to paint in layers. Especially for depicting foliage this property can be very helpful as it is […]

Ash forest and brook – Gouache sketch – forest diary

Tuesday, den 22. March 2011

I spent some time following a small brook in an ash forest. There is always a lot to see when a stream of water can meander freely, it has become a rare situation in our heavily used landscapes. Outside of the woods water streams are regulated and their natural way has been straightened. The reflections […]

Sketching in rain – Douglas fir and spruce tree forest

Monday, den 14. March 2011

It was already raining a bit when I left home. First birds could be heard, especially the woodpeckers were very busy, spring is coming soon. I sat down in a dark, young douglas fir and spruce tree forest. Green algae covered some of the trunks and contrasted with the dark wet bark. The wind was […]