oil pastel landscape – corrections recorded in a video

Sunday, den 9. June 2013

I recorded the changes discussed in a previous post in a video, uploaded uncut in HD resolution so viewers can see details in the full screen mode. I use an old hunters knife to scratch off oil pastel color where necessary and for sgrafitto technique. I sat in direct sun on the first really warm […]

Landscape sketches in oil pastels

Tuesday, den 2. April 2013

Here are some more pages from my oil pastel sketchbook that gets slowly filled. The first and the last are not completely finished yet. On the long Easter weekend I started a another small oil pastel painting in our local vineyards.This time I tested the time lapse function of my Gopro Hero Camera. I found […]

First oil pastel demo video – Small tree trunk study

Thursday, den 21. March 2013

On the last weekend I could do a first demo video about sketching and drawing with oil pastels in nature. I bought a flexible camera tripod that I can attach with a big clamp on my drawing board. Before mounting the Gopro camera I start the camera and enable the WIFI control. Then I mount […]

Plein air study , tree drawing in winter

Saturday, den 23. February 2013

This is my first, imperfect recording with a GOPRO camera that I want to use for more documentation during this year. At present I am looking for a flexible tripod to be mounted directly on the drawing support. That way I hope to change the perspective to full format, vertical view in coming videos. One […]

From the diary of a tramp

Sunday, den 4. March 2012

Plein Air painting – Andre Krigar, Berlin

Friday, den 17. February 2012

Andre Krigar is a painter in Berlin. This video is one of the better ones on plein air painting.