Oak, one tree, three years, 50 paintings – by Stephen Taylor

Friday, den 18. November 2011

The local bookstore has proven indispensable one more time. I found one copy of “Oak,one tree,three years,50 paintings” by the British painter Stephen Taylor lying on top of a pile of art books as if it was left there with purpose to be found by the right buyer. A quick look made clear that I […]

Forest diary sketching at a creek, topographical notes and history

Sunday, den 14. August 2011

Today I walked again to a place called “Graubrunnen” (grey fountain). It is a patch of some 50 acres of forest. There are a number of small creeks which fall dry in summer unless there is rain. But nevertheless it is moist there. For me this place is a special, sinister place. During the Nazi-regime […]

Reflections on a pond in the woods

Wednesday, den 29. June 2011

Purchase this sketch as postcard I used the long weekend for another study in the woods. I was tempted to do a study on water already for some time. I like to see the reflections in the water of those muddy holes with yellow bellied toads. Anyway there is this remote pond nearby with a […]

Ash forest and brook – Gouache sketch – forest diary

Tuesday, den 22. March 2011

I spent some time following a small brook in an ash forest. There is always a lot to see when a stream of water can meander freely, it has become a rare situation in our heavily used landscapes. Outside of the woods water streams are regulated and their natural way has been straightened. The reflections […]