Tree drawings by Albrecht Rissler

Wednesday, den 16. February 2011

OLIVE TREE NEAR FOURFOURAS, roller ball pen, Sketchbook Crete, 2009 courtesy Albrecht Rissler. Today I want to point out to a recent addition to the blogroll of this blog “drawing landscape” by Albrecht Rissler. For all those who are interested in drawing landscapes and trees this new weblog will be a resource of inspiration. The […]

A willow tree and an excursion into the picturesque

Tuesday, den 26. January 2010

This is the final stage of my efforts to depict a picturesque tree, a willow near a small creek. Recent studies on the picturesque and it´s ongoing mighty force in modern times yielded some interesting results. Anyone who is interested in landscape painting or drawing will eventually hear and read about William Gilpin, the british […]

The Willow tree – 3rd session

Wednesday, den 20. January 2010

There was time for another visit at the willow tree this afternoon. After one or two more sessions I expect that the drawing will have reached final stage. I took a short film this time , which will bring the subject even closer to you.

Returning to a Willow tree

Monday, den 18. January 2010

After more than two weeks I could return today for a 20-30 minute visit before daylight was gone to “my” willow tree. Yes, it is “my tree” as soon as it is in my sketchbook. The snow we had is almost gone and the little creek rushing by the willow was talking again to me, […]

Drawing a willow tree – with the controlled hand

Thursday, den 31. December 2009

Some time of the last hours in 2009 I have spent sitting in front of a willow tree, which I want to have in the collection of ink drawings made in an indian landscape book,which is in fact a photo album with a cover made from an old sari. In this sketchbook I work slowly […]