Mara Korkola – winter tree landscapes

Monday, den 14. November 2011

Today I want to point out to artist Mara Korkola and her small winter landscapes. The format is modest, but somehow the views she paints seem bigger. The presentation in triptych might give to that effect, but does not explain it in full. I like the clarity and stillness in these images which I have seen so […]

Trunk of a beech tree – gouache sketch

Sunday, den 16. January 2011

Coming back to the place I had begun my last forest diary study in drizzling rain I found that an important part of my subject had been harvested. Somehow I regret that not much of the first steps was left in the final stage of this study, even though a bit of sun was a […]

More snow in the forest diary

Sunday, den 5. December 2010

There has been more snow during this week. Now there is a 15-20 cm thick white cover, but today temperatures went up and rain is the forecast for tonight. Tracks of wild boars and roe deers are everywhere. I could see the bites of the roe deers on the few blackberry leaves left. Once again […]

Autumn and Winter – The time to look at branches

Friday, den 23. October 2009

The time is coming that our trees stand bare of leaves. Drawing trees in winter is a special delight as the beauty of their branches can be seen in full. At the same time vistas are possible that have been obscured by leaves during summer. I found an interesting blog post about branching on sevensixfive […]