Canvas wrap prints a new product on Zazzle

Friday, den 7. October 2011

Zazzle has introduced an new product line recently: Wrapped Canvas prints. This is good news. The prints look great and open a new market for visual artists. See some examples below. The wrap is available in three different thicknesses. The sizes can be customized to standard sizes and any size and ratio between 8 and […]

Being blogged and interviewed on Zazzle

Wednesday, den 9. February 2011

Since April 2009 I run a shop on, a company that lets you produce many different customized products in print on demand. I always admired those designers and the work of artists or illustrators, what ever you may call them, featured on the Zazzle blog. There have been quite amazing and inspiring people interviewed […]

Switching to WordPress

Saturday, den 6. February 2010

This blog is in transition to WordPress…which has proven not to be that easy import transaction I thought it might be. But it seems that I am making some progress this evening.